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Cartoon Sound

We create original music, sound design and final mix for cartoon shows.

Chorr Police is an Indian animation comedy show which aired on Disney XD India. Amazon Prime acquired the streaming rights of the series in 2016. The show is about a thief and a policeman. . Anthony is a thief who lives in the slums of Mumbai. He usually steals not for himself, but for other people. Because of this, he is known as the Robin Hood Slumdog of Mumbai. His constant battle is to outwit Lovely Singh, the police inspector, and they both find themselves in adventures one after the other.

Chorr Police Season 1 original music was composed by our team.


Ashoka The Hero is a young boy whose policeman father was killed during a bank robbery. His protective mother keeps him housebound and his only friends are his dog buddy and his mysterious neighbour Masa. Masa is the keeper of Emperor Asokas medallion of power. The story goes, that after the destructive war of Kalinga, the emperor created the medallion as a way to save mankind from itself. Masa leaves the medallion to Ashok and this makes him a superhero. As a super hero Ashoka must ensure that he never misuses his powers, for if he does, he will lose them. The rest of the story is the story of how Ashoka loses his powers and then faces grave danger and saves thousands of lives, thus becoming a true hero.

Our team sound designed and final mixed this movie.

Ashoka the Hero is a full length 2D feature length animation and was sound designed and final mixed at SDS.