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Original music, sound design and live sound engineering for professional theatre and stage productions. 


Amal Allana’s production of NATI BINODINI is based on the true story of a female born out off wedlock in Calcutta in 1863. The play traces her life from 1863 till 1941. It gives us a glimpse into this woman’s life who went on to become a glorious actress. She was the fifth woman then to enter the theatre, which was dominated by men. The play projects Binodini at two levels simultaneously- of the life she led off stage and on stage.

Our team created the Original music arrangement, sound design and executed the live sound engineering for shows of Natti Benodini.

The task of adapting best selling author, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist has been entrusted to Deepa Gahlot to adapt and Mahesh Dattani to direct the theatrical version of the classic. Interestingly, for this play, Mahesh has introduced music to the narration. He says, “We decided to add music to the play as we thought the narrative of our script was the strategy.

Our team provided original song writing, lyrics and compositions skills in the West End Musical style. These pieces are composed for the Mahesh Dattani's adaptation of Paulo Cohelo's bestseller "The Alchemist" produced by AGP.

Rehaan Engineer started his production house with an aim to explore new venues in the city. He has performed

An original score for this fabulous Howard Barker play was composed according to director Rehaan Engineer's desire for it to be in the 17th century Baroque style of western classical music.

Sound design, music arrangement and live sound engineering for Amal Allana's adaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' short story brought to life on the Indian stage. Produced by Theater and Television Associates.